The inobuilt team have extensive skills in the management of the design process from our initial briefing session we will seek to engage with one of our design partners who can best deliver on your particular design desires and aesthetic. Once underway, we actively drive the design team, appointing specialist design professionals where required and seeking advice from our network of specialist trade providers, ensuring the most efficient, cost effective design is produced. We will guide you through the decision making process, and interrogate the design utilising our specialised value management expertise to ensure the design is being developed in line with your brief and without any unwanted surprises come the construction phase.



We hear all too often, comments along the lines of "the council are taking their sweet time to issue a Building Consent and asking so many questions" and this is framed as the Council's fault. We think this attitude is a weak response to the industry's, at times, poor quality control of design documentation. We believe that this is our responsibility to you and that the consenting process can be better. inobuilt are experts in the regulatory environment and take charge of the consenting process. We undertake detailed quality reviews of design documents prior to lodging them with Council, ensuring that what is submitted to Council comprehensively demonstrates compliance with the NZ Building Code. For you, this translates to a swift, hassle free process and ultimately a quicker start onsite!  


Build Better

The timeframes frequently seen to construct bespoke homes are, in our humble opinion, obscene. It pains us to see this tortuously slow process accepted by clients as the norm. This all comes down to planning. We are obsessive about planning. We are always on the hunt for better processes, methodologies and construction techniques to speed up your journey towards moving in to your new home. These techniques do not compromise on quality or increase the cost of construction but purely "tune" the performance of the build. Our professional background in the management of extremely complex projects provides us with skills and knowledge that others in the industry simply don't have. This is your benefit and us just doing what we do - building better. We will produce a detailed construction programme, that we will update throughout the project. Unlike other offerings, we will give you a completion date and yes, we will stick to it.

Part of our commitment to building better involves finding ways to reduce the unsustainable levels of waste generated by construction.


Our Assurances

To provide you with absolute comfort that your investment in your new home is a secure one, we partner with Stamford Insurance and offer their 10 year Stamford Building Warranty on all of our new builds. The Stamford Warranty is a true insurance based warranty backed by Lloyds of London and is superior to other new build warranties available in NZ. In the unlikely event that there is a major defect with your home it will be repaired by the insurer without you first having to prove a failure under the Building Act - as required by other warranty products. Leaving you to get on with enjoying your home. Find out More...

We are Licenced Building Practitioners and so are all of our specialist trade teams that we engage. This provides you with the certainty that your home is being constructed by  professionals with recognised skills in their respective areas of practice.​